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Anita Berber – Göttin der Nacht

One act contemporary dance story piece

A goddess of the night or a femme fatale dancing on the volcano? She was married three times, was in the meantime with a woman, was addicted to alcohol and drugs, sold her body and literally attracted scandals. But above all, she personified one thing: the urge of her generation to simply live without thinking about the lost future. A woman full of energy who was serious about immorality and liked to live extravagantly. This is how Anita Berber became a dance icon in the early twenties did not shy away from stepping naked in front of the audience. She stood for the eroticization of dance. At the same time, wearing men's trousers and a jacket, she initiated a new era of fashion, for which she was loved by her audience and admired by artists. In 1925 she stood naked for Otto – young, beautiful and famous – but he brought a slightly different woman to his painting: in a red dress, with blood-red lips, sunken cheeks, wrinkled skin, dark eyes and a puffy complexion. The audience saw an energetic woman in her, Otto Dix a weak one, and he painted her older than she ever got. Her excessive life dance, emblematic of an entire decade, ended abruptly when she died just three years later, at the age of 29.

One act contemporary dance story piece

17.6.2016 Bühnen der Stadt Gera and Landestheater Altenburg, Germany
For Thüringer State Ballet

Choreography and Staging: Jiří Bubeníček
Music (Commissioned work):  Simon Wills 
Stage and Costume design: Otto Bubeníček
Lighting: Jiří Bubeníček

Anita Berber:  Anastasiya Kuzina
Sebastian Droste: Mattia Carchedi
Henri Châtin Hofmann: Filip Kvačák
Otto Dix: Predrag Jovicic


Stage I

Stage II

Stage I © Otto Bubeníček | Stage II @ Silvano Ballone


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