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Jiří Bubeníček

Internationally sought-after choreographer Jiří Bubeníček enjoyed enormous acclaim over his almost 25-year career as one of the world’s top ballet dancers. Musicality, athleticism, suppleness, an unparalleled technique and his instinctive sense of character turned him into an international star. During his time with the Hamburg Ballet, John Neumeier created numerous roles for him, the most legendary being “Nijinsky”. Following his engagement from 1993-2006 (from 1997 as principal), Jiří Bubeníček went to Dresden to take up the position of principal with the Semperoper Ballet. There he performed countless choreographies by Petipa, Fokine, Balanchine, McMillan, Cranko, Kylián, Inger, Forsythe, Dawson, Celis and the Dresden ballet director Aaron S. Watkin until his departure in 2015. Guest appearances took him around the world. Particularly memorable were his engagements at the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris where he partnered the leading ballerinas of the age in the “Lady of the Camellias”. In 2002 he was awarded the “Benois de la Danse” for his interpretation of Armand. His many other prizes include the “Espèces” of the Prix de Lausanne or the Mary Wigman Prize bestowed by the Semperoper.

Jiří Bubeníček created his first choreographies back in 1999 in the midst of his dancing career. From short scenes to abstract pieces to full-length narrative ballets, his current oeuvre of over 70 works is impressively large.

He created new works for companies such as San Francisco Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet, Teatro di Roma, Royal New Zealand Ballet, Tokyo City Ballet, New York City Ballet, State Vienna Ballet, Hamburg Ballet, Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, Mariinsky Ballet Theater, North Carolina Dance Theatre in Charlotte in USA, for dancers from Opéra national de Paris, Croatian National Ballet in Zagreb, Croatian National Ballet Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka, Nuovo Balletto di Toscana in Florence, Badisches State Theater in Karlsruhe, Dortmund Ballet, Slovenia National Theatre Opera and Ballet in Ljubljana, he was a choreographer for The Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert 2016 and many other companies around the globe.

In particular, Jiří Bubeníček has established an outstanding reputation as a choreographic storyteller: his successful productions include “Anita Berber – Goddess of the Night” (2016), “Doctor Zhivago” (2016), “The Piano” (2018), “The Trial” (2019), “Cinderella” (2019) or "Romeo and Juliet" (2022). Amongst his many honours, the choreographer was awarded the “Europa in Danza” for his version of “Carmen” (2019) or “Boris Papandopulo” award for „Romeo and Juliet“ for the best ballet performance in the 2021/22 season. And, of course, Jiří Bubeníček is a familiar face in the international media through TV and DVD productions of his choreographies as well as those featuring him as a dancer. In addition to founding a touring company “Les Ballets Bubeníček” to perform own choreographies, Jiří Bubeníček is also socially engaged, striving to build bridges between diverse cultures. For these efforts, he was awarded the “Silver Medal of the City of Prague” in 2017, a very special accolade from his home city. 

Apart from being an accomplished dancer and choreographer, Jiří Bubeníček has made significant contributions to the dance world. As the visionary artistic director of the esteemed touring company "Les Ballets Bubeníček", he has curated captivating performances that showcase his own mesmerising choreographies, as well as collaborations with other renowned choreographers. Under his leadership, the company has embarked on numerous successful tours, gracing some of the world's most prestigious venues, from Tokyo's grand stages to renowned theatres across Europe.

Jiří Bubeníček holds a Master of Art in Dance Pedagogy from the prestigious Palucca University of Dance in Dresden. With a deep passion for teaching, he has been actively involved in sharing his expertise at numerous ballets schools and summer intensive programs. He takes great pleasure in nurturing and mentoring the next generation of young dancers, inspiring them to flourish in their artistic journey.

Notably, he has taken his dedication to dance education even further by establishing the esteemed "Bubeníček Ballet Masterclasses" in collaboration with the renowned music Festival Krumlov, in the Czech Republic. This exceptional initiative brings together aspiring dancers and enthusiasts from around the world to immerse themselves in his enriching and transformative teachings. Through this remarkable partnership, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of dance, nurturing talent and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art form.


Smetana 200: My Country

On the Moldau river banks in Jiří Bubeníček's ballet choreography

July 12, 2024, the opening concert of the Festival Krumlov"Smetana 200: My Country" reveals what we can look forward to this year. In the charming new concert venue of the City Park, we will experience traditional works in an unique combination with ballet. Surrounded by South Bohemian nature and the Vltava River, we will have inexhaustible sources of the Master’s inspiration. The Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava and the ballet ensemble under the direction and Les Ballet Bubeníček in choreography of Jiří Bubeníček will present the treasure of Czech music and history under the baton of Alena Hron.

Bubeníček Ballet Masterclass

July 22 to August 3, 2024

Held in Český Krumlov enjoyed great success in its last edition. The positive response has inspired us to continue this exceptional event. Join us for 13 days of dance immersion with skilled professionals, fostering artistic growth and global connections. Agnès Letestu, a former étoile of the Paris Opera, or Martina Arduino, a Principal dancer with Teatro alla Scala, will join numerous other distinguished artists as part of this year's artistic team. As part of the masterclasses, students will have the opportunity to dance in Jiří Bubeníček's choreography at the festival's concert "Shakespeare 460: Romeo & Juliet", this year closing gala concert of the prestigious music Festival Krumlov! 

Ballet Gala

August 4 and 5, 2024

Bubeníček International Ballet Gala, set to take place at the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague, will feature a distinguished array of international guests hailing from renowned institutions such as Teatro alla Scala and Semperoper Ballet, among others. Stay tuned for further details and information.

"Dobré ráno", Česká televize

Ranní rozhovor na ČT2

V úterý nás navštívil mezinárodně uznávaný choreograf Jiří Bubeníček. V průběhu své předchozí téměř 25leté taneční kariery jedním z nejlepších baletních sólistů světa. Jaká to byla dřina? V jakých baletních společnostech se cítil nejlépe? Co ho vedlo k založení vlastního vlastního souboru „Les Ballets Bubeníček“? Jaké jsou jejich úspěchy? Jak se změnil balet od doby kdy on začínal svou kariéru? Nejen na to se zeptáme. 18.06.2024.

Cyrano de Bergerac


Cyrano de Bergerac is undergoing a thrilling transformation, courtesy of Jiří Bubeníček (choreography) collaborating with Nadina Cojocaru and set against the captivating stage design by Otto Bubeníček. Nadina Cojocaru will not only provide her expertise in dramaturgy, but will also craft the exquisite costumes for this upcoming neoclassical ballet premiering in September 2024 at the National Theatre in Brno, Czech Republic. Keep an eye out for more updates and details as this enchanting evening takes shape.


Short TV document about Jiří and Otto Bubeníček, at Czech TV Channel

Vydáme se za tanečními mistry s velkým M. Jednovaječnými dvojčaty Jiřím a Ottou Bubeníčkovými. Vystupovali v nejslavnějších divadlech a patřili mezi nejlepší baletní sólisty na světě. Oba taky získali ocenění Gratias Agit udělované ministrem zahraničí za šíření dobrého jména České republiky v cizině. Jiří pak ještě prestižní cenu Benoit de la danse, která je v oboru považovaná za jakousi obdobu filmového Oscara. O jejich práci i plánech si s Jiřím povídal Tomáš Polák. June 12, 2024.


Carmen returns to Rome

The ballet "Carmen" will return to the repertoire of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. This full-length ballet, created by Jiří Bubeníček in 2019 for the company, will once again be performed by the ballet company under the leadership of artistic director Eleonora Abbagnato.

Music by Bizet, De Falla, Albéniz, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Bonolis
Orchestrations by Gabriele Bonolis
Music Arrangement by Jiří Bubeníček with Gabriele Bonolis
Orchestra of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Choreography Jiří Bubeníček
Stage design Giovanni Carluccio
Costume designer Anna Biagiotti
Choreography assistent Arsen Mehrabyan



"LA STRADA" a theatrical masterpiece, made its premiere to a standing ovation on March 10, 2024, at the Theater Vinohrady in Prague, featuring the Prague Chamber Ballet company. With dramaturgy by Jiří Bubeníček (choreography) and Nadina Cojocaru (costumes and set design), this production breathes life into Federico Fellini's iconic film, ensuring an unforgettable experience.
"La Strada" tells a poignant and tragic tale of love, adversity, and personal growth - a night of theatrical brilliance that resonates across time and emotions.

Click here for futher performances.

L'heure bleue

NHK Ballet Festival 2024

The Tokyo City Ballet is set to dazzle audiences in a distinctive showcase, "NHK Ballet Festival 2024" alongside the New National Theatre, Tokyo and International Ballet Stars. This captivating performance, featuring Jiří Bubeníček's ballet "L'HEURE BLEUE", with mesmerizing stage and costume designs by Otto Bubeníček, performed on January 27, 2024, at the prestigious NHK Hall in Tokyo's vibrant Shibuya district. 

February 18, 2024 the Japanese NHK TV Channel will broadcast the evening. 

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