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I was performing in Copenhagen. Getting ready before the show. And the stage assistent was playing music. Jazz music by Dave Brubeck. I knew I would use it one day. I love jazz music. And Jazz music for me associates with hats.

For this piece I associate the Hats as a symbolic meaning of a goal, or an experience achieved in life. So the parallel idea is questioning what are the Goals. What are those daily goals that we tend to give to ourselves? Believing that when we achieve those goals we will be satisfied. But it seams that after a short satisfaction suddenly another goal pops up again. Its almost like the dream is never an ending story.

Another philosophical moment about goals is the influence of the society and the people close to us over our goals that we make. Is it possible that some of the goals and interests we believe to be part of our life were set because we felt it was necessary from an outside force. Is it possible that the things we want to accomplish are not true and honest reflections of our desires and dreams. Many of us can find themselves in these situations from time to time and needless to say they can leave you feeling unsatisfied and empty. We can say that society, media and culture appropriate ideologies that we feel are right or trendy and this indeed has a serious impact on how we build and plan our life, goals / experience.

Later on we have in the dance piece — the satisfaction.
So the slow song represents the little moments of ecstasy and pleasure after achieving something we desired. The illusion of happiness.That magical orgasmic moment, short but very strong and addictive. But right after this ecstasy moment comes a low point, that force us immediately to set another goal. Which keep us never satisfied. Always looking for the next thing, that keep us trapped in the same circle of wanting more than it is necessary.

Therefore Nadina created - the stairs, that are the symbol of a journey. Life journey. Uncompleted route. One day we may walk up without any obstacle. One day we are very close to fall. Every hat which is a goal takes us higher on every stair that is the symbol of a lesson in life. Which bring us higher and higher and if the lessons are forgotten the danger of falling is continuously present.

One more meaning to the idea to go upper on the stairs is to go closer to the truth, to the highest level. To explore further what could be next to our journey in life or for example beyond our planet. But is it really possible? What if there is nothing else then this world or this moment. After could be just emptiness. Perhaps we just live under one big glass hat (the knock in the end of the piece).

The girl with the balloons represents The Big Dream. The dream is always unreachable, the dream wants to be by itself, because once it became reality it disappears. Everybody is chasing the big dream. Everybody want to dance with it. Because the dream gives hope and keeps us alive. But also sometimes we are so blinded by everything what is around us that we don't see the dream at all. The dream can also hunt us to remind of its existence.

“My goal, to ... keep straight, don’t fall, more hats. Move lighter. Humans. We are all here. We have hats. Different hats. Is it one big hat? Talking to a man that he should take care of his dream. Your dream. I am. You want me. It’s about the tempo. A little bit more special. Lets try again together. Fallow her more. Look after her all the time. Lets try again with music. More lazy. Just feel it. No more gravity. Hold me or I fly away. No, it was more like a swing. Slide ... Don’t go. Let me go. What is it there? Leave me. Up! Nothing. Truth. I know. Why? Need to see. Running. Made it! What’s next. Empty?”

Choreography and Staging: Jiří Bubeníček
Concept: Jiří Bubeníček and Nadina Cojocaru

Music: Dave Brubeck, Jo Stafford, Jonny Greenwood, Lena Horne, Justin Hurwitz, Benny Goodman and others
Music arrangement: Jiří Bubeníček and Nadina Cojocaru
Stage and Costume design: Nadina Cojocaru
Light design: Jiří Bubeníček and Ernt Schießl



Photos © Bettina Stoß

Stage and Costumes

Painted by Mrs. Nadina Cojocaru

Stage and Costume design: Nadina Cojocaru

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