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Full-length abstract piece created for the Albertinum Museum in Dresden, Germany

Texts for Raquel

There's no difference between you and any star in the sky, or you and any rock in the desert. Everything in existence is part of the only living being in existence. When you experience this truth, even for a moment, the whole structure of your belief system disappears, and you are in that wonderful dream of heaven.

There are no words to explain what you are, you go back into peace, the place where you don't need to use words to know what you are. Go beyond symbols and become one with life, with God. The only way to know God is to be God. See the life, the infinite, or God face to face, and you'll see yourself.

Don Jose Ruiz

Is it the real you who creates all drama and suffering in your life?
Is it the real you who says "Life is a valley of tears, and we come here to suffer?
Is it the real you who judges yourself and punishes yourself, and invites other people to punish you, too?
Is it the real you who abuses your body?
Is it the real you who doesn't even like yourself?
Is it the really the real you who's dreaming all that?
No, it's not the real you. You are dead, and that's the truth. And what is the key to coming back to life? Awareness. When you recover awareness, you resurrect and come back to life. That's why you are here: to come back from the dead and reclaim your own divinity. Come back from world of illusion, the word of lies, and return to your own truth, own authenticity and become the real you, which is truth.

Don Jose Ruiz

Full-length abstract piece created for the Albertinum Museum in Dresden, Germany

Premiere 30.10. 2010 created for Dresden Semperoper Ballet

Concept and Choreography: Jiří Bubeníček
Costume design: Otto Bubeníček
Music: Arvo Pärt, Charles Ives, Erkki-Sven Tüür, György Ligeti, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Johann Sebastian Bach, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber and Otto Bubeníček
Dramaturgie: Jiří Bubeníček, Michaela Angelopoulos
Choir direction: Pablo Assante

Dancers: Raquél Martinéz, Istvan Simon, Jiří Bubeníček, Jón Vallejo
and Dresden Semperoper Ballet

Actor: Benedikt Kauff

Violoncello: Isang Enders
Baroque violin: Margret Baumgartl
Piano: Yevgeny Feldmann
Violin: Anna Fritzsch
Viola: Lydia Rinecker
Violoncello: Fritjof von Gagern
Flute: Elisabeth Wentland

Soprano: Monika Harnisch, Ute Simbotin, Beate Siebert
Alt: Christiane Neumann, Heike Liebmann, Barbara Leo
Tenor: Jun-Seok Bang, Markus Hansel, Tobias Schrader
Bass: Thomas Müller, Mirko Tuma, Holger Steinert

Singers of the Saxon State Opera Choir Dresden
Musicians of the Saxon State Orchestra Dresden and others


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Photos I © Matthias Creutziger | Photos II © Klemens Renner


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