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Les Ballets Russes – reloaded

Faun is about the human soul, human desires, human and social roles and standards. The story is interwoven with passion and love, the fundamental human emotions. The idea for creating the choreography occurred in the summer of 2009 when Jiří was shocked by a crime that was reported on the TV news. He was also inspired by Claude Debussy’s Impressionistic music and a trip to Munich, where he visited a glyptotheca and saw Barberini’s life-size marble sculpture of a faun. The choreography was premiered in June 2012 at the performance Les Ballets Russes – Reloaded, hosted by the Semperoper Ballett in Dresden. This is the first opportunity a Czech audience has had to see Faun.

Premiere 23.06.2012 for the Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, Germany

Choreography: Jiří Bubeníček
Music: Francis Poulenc und Claude Debussy
Stage and costume design: Otto Bubeníček
Lighting design: Fabio Antoci

Mann 1: Raphael Coumes-Marquet
Mann 2: Jón Vallejo
Faun: Claudio Cangialosi
and Semperoper Ballet


Prague National Theatre

Semperoper I (Les Ballets Russes Reloaded)

Semperoper II (Faun)


Semperoper I & Semperoper II © Costin Radu | Prague National Theatre © Martin Divíšek | Studio © Klemens Renner



Stage design

Stage design: Otto Bubeníček

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