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Feeling of anticipation for your loved one to return

When I was asked by István Simon, the organizer and artistic curator of the performance "Tanz+Blau+Gelb Gala" if I would choreograophed a new piece for artists from Ukraine, I didn't hasited. Shortly after, I was online on Zoom application introduced to the three Ukrainian Ballerinas and our first rehearsal started. This was my first experience to create a new piece online. I must say that it was a pleasure to work with these three talented and beautiful dancers and I hope that this performace will open a path to a succesful future of many more upcoming performances for these and other artists in need around the world, dancers who lost their homes. 

Listening to their tragic and very touching stories from their homeland, where bombs are daily falling on their theatres and killing people, gave birth to a new creation "INTERLUDE". I contacted New York based composer Karen Lefrak who was so kind and generouse to gave us permission to creat choreography on her exquisite piano compositions. The abstract neolassical choreography that uses point work, touches emotions such as separation, death and anticipated reunion.

"Feeling of anticipation for your loved one to return."
Jiří Bubeníček


The "Tanz+Blau+Gelb Gala" is the first ballet gala that presents and highlights the skills of dance artists who had to leave their homeland due to the war in Ukraine. It is an expression of solidarity with the Ukrainian artists.

Various styles are presented, including choreographies by Jiří Bubeníček and Andreas Heise. The live music will be played by three world-renowned musicians: Arne-Christian Pelz - cello, Deniz Tahberer - violin and Alina Pronina - piano.

The Help-Dance/Tanz+Blau+Gelb project served as the basis for this ballet gala by offering help and support to the artists involved. It is a cooperation between Praetorian Non-Profit Art and Health Consulting, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD), the Federal German Ballet and Dance Theater Directors Conference (BBTK) and the Theater Gütersloh, supported by Theater in Gütersloh e.V.

Artists: Olexandra Chetveryk, Daryna Bulakovska, Olga Posternak, Irina Khandazhevskay, Anatolii Khandazhevskayi
Musicians: Arne-Christian Pelz (cello), Dana Anka (violin), Alina Pronina (piano)
Choreographers: Andreas Heise, Jiří Bubeníček

Neoclassical piece created for three Ukrainian Ballerinas

Upcoming Premiere 21.05.2022, Gütersloh Theatre, Germany

Composer: Karen LeFrak
Choreography: Jiří Bubeníček
Concept: Jiří 
Lighting design: Jiří Bubeníček

Daryna Bulakovska
Olga Parshina
Irina Khandazhevskaja

Life music arranged by Arne-Christian Pelz
Piano - Alina Pronina




Pictures in Foyer


Gütersloh Theatre and Rehearsal Room

Pictures © Ksenja Orlova, Jiří Bubeníček, István Simon


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