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Le souffle de l’Esprit

For Olga and Marie / Contemporary piece

In this work created in 2007 for the Zurich Ballet, choreographer Jiří Bubeníček bows to the eternal growth and decay of existence: a “yes” to life and a “yes” to death as the order of the world cycle that must be followed. The inspiration for his work, which would be translated as “The Breath of the Spirit”, were the paintings and drawings of Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. The choreographer found in them the beauty of youth and age. Contemplative music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Roman Hofstetter, Johann Pachelbel and the spherical sounds of Otto Bubeníček underlie the dance sequences of elegiac movements and flowing expression. “Le souffle de l’esprit” can also be interpreted as part of the choreographer’s personal biography: a farewell to his deceased grandmothers. One could translate the last part of the ballet “Canon in D Major” as angels accompanying the human soul to heaven. The work is dedicated to them - Olga and Marie.

For Olga and Marie
Contemporary piece

Premiere 1.9. 2007 for Zurich Ballet, Switzerland

Choreography: Jiří Bubeníček
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Roman Hofstetter, Johann Pachelbel and Otto Bubeníček
Stage, Videond Costume design: Otto Bubeníček
Light design: Martin Gebhardt
Choreography Assistent: Jón Vallejo

Cast: Arman Grigoryan, Vahe Martirosyan, Iker Murillo
Julie Gardette , Pilar Nevado
Janina Strejček, Pornpim Karchai, Galina Mihaylova, Lina Buss, Artur Babajanyan, François Rousseau, Vitali Safronkine, Jorge Garcí­a Pérez

Other premieres:
For State Vienna Ballet under the artistic direction of Manuel Legris
Premiere 9.1. 2011
For North Carolina Dance Theater, Charlotte, USA
Premiere 10.3. 2011


Prague National Theatre

Zurich Ballet


Canon in D Major

Vienna Ballet

Martin Divíšek | Rehearsal © Klemens Renner | Stage © Costin Radu | Vienna Ballet © Jack Devant



Stage design

Stage design: Otto Bubeníček

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