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… Jiří Bubeníček hat in seiner fast 25-jährigen Karriere als einer der weltbesten Balletttänzer für Begeisterungsstürme gesorgt. Musikalität, Athletik, Geschmeidigkeit, einzigartige Technik und ein instinktives Rollengefühl haben ihn zu einem internationalen Star werden lassen. In seiner Zeit beim Hamburg Ballett kreierte John Neumeier zahlreiche Rollen für ihn, die legendärste darunter: „Nijinsky“. Nach seinem Engagement von 1993-2006, ab 1997 als Erster Solist, ging Jiří Bubeníček als Erster Solist an das Semperoper Ballett nach Dresden. Zahllos sind die Choreografien von Petipa, Fokine, Balanchine, Cranko, McMillan, Kylián, Inger, Forsythe, Dawson, Celis und des Dresdner Ballettdirektors Aaron S. Watkin, die er dort bis 2015 tanzte. Gastengagements führten ihn um die Welt: herausragend seine Engagements in der „Kameliendame“ beim Ballett de l’Opéra de Paris als Partner der bedeutendsten Ballerinen der Zeit – für seine Rolle des Armand wurde er mit dem „Benois de la Danse“ (2002) ausgezeichnet. Es ist einer von vielen Preisen seiner Karriere wie dem „Espèces“ beim Prix de Lausanne oder dem Mary Wigman Preis der Semperoper.

Schon während seiner Tänzerkarriere hatte Jiří Bubeníček 1999 mit dem Choreografieren begonnen. Mit kleinen Miniaturen über abstrakte Ballette bis hin zu abendfüllenden Handlungsballetten ist die Liste der gut 60 geschaffenen Kreationen beeindruckend lang. Insbesondere als choreografischer Geschichtenerzähler hat sich Jiří Bubeníček einen internationalen Namen erarbeitet: Zu seinen Erfolgsproduktionen, zählen „Anita Berber – Göttin der Nacht“ (2016), „Doctor Zhivago“ (2016), „The Piano“ (2018), „Processen“ (2019) und „Cinderella“ (2019). Für seine „Carmen“, (2019) wurde der Choreograf mit dem „Europa in Danza“ ausgezeichnet, eine von mittlerweile zahlreichen Ehrungen. Präsent ist Jiří Bubeníček in den internationalen Medien: TV- und DVD-Produktionen seiner choreografierten Stücke zählen ebenso dazu wie die von Choreografien, in denen er selbst tanzt. Neben der Gründung seiner eigenen Compagnie „Les Ballets Bubeníček“, ein mit eigenen Choreografien tourendes Unternehmen, engagiert sich Jiří Bubeníček zudem sozial und sorgt für kulturelle Brückenschläge – so wurde er 2017 mit der „Silbermedaille der Stadt Prag“ ausgezeichnet, eine ganz besondere Ehrung seiner Heimatstadt.

Apart from being an accomplished dancer and choreographer, Jiří Bubeníček has made significant contributions to the dance world. As the visionary artistic director of the esteemed touring company "Les Ballets Bubeníček", he has curated captivating performances that showcase his own mesmerising choreographies, as well as collaborations with other renowned choreographers. Under his leadership, the company has embarked on numerous successful tours, gracing some of the world's most prestigious venues, from Tokyo's grand stages to renowned theatres across Europe.

Jiří Bubeníček holds a Master of Art in Dance Pedagogy from the prestigious Palucca University of Dance in Dresden. With a deep passion for teaching, he has been actively involved in sharing his expertise at numerous ballets schools and summer intensive programs. He takes great pleasure in nurturing and mentoring the next generation of young dancers, inspiring them to flourish in their artistic journey.

Notably, he has taken his dedication to dance education even further by establishing the esteemed "Bubeníček Ballet Masterclasses"in collaboration with the renowned Music Festival in Krumlov, in the Czech Republic. This exceptional initiative brings together aspiring dancers and enthusiasts from around the world to immerse themselves in his enriching and transformative teachings. Through this remarkable partnership, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of dance, nurturing talent and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art form.



at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden

Jiří has recently completed the esteemed work-study Master's Degree Programme in Dance Teaching at Palucca University of Dance Dresden. This remarkable journey spans over three years of dedication, passion, and artistic growth.

As a renowned dancer and choreographer, Jiří Bubeníček has embarked on a transformative academic path, enriching his already exceptional skills in the art of dance. Throughout this intensive program, he has honed his teaching expertise, further elevating his profound understanding of the art form and its nuances.

32nd Edition of Music Festival Krumlov

"French Night" with Jiří Bubeníček's Choreography

July 14, 2023 - PRESTIGIOUS GALA CONCERT: "FRENCH NIGHT" with Jiří Bubeníček's Choreography

Experience an enchanting evening of music and dance at the Summer Riding School. The opening concert, titled "French Night," featured renowned choreographer Jiří Bubeníček's original choreography set to Henri Duparc's "Aux étoiles", Claude Debussy's "La Mer" will transport us on a journey dance by selected participants from BUBENÍČEK BALLET MASTERCLASSES, while Maurice Ravel's captivating Bolero, performed by leading ballet soloists LES BALLETS BUBENÍČEK, will bring the evening to a mesmerizing crescendo.

Three new premieres

Three new creations

July 14, 2023 - PRESTIGIOUS GALA CONCERT: "FRENCH NIGHT" with Jiří Bubeníček's Choreography

For the opening concert, titled "French Night," Jiří has created three new choreographies set to music by composers: Henri Duparc's "Aux étoiles", Claude Debussy's "La Mer" and Maurice Ravel's "Bolero". Pictures and news captivating this even are coming soon...


Bubeníček Ballet Masterclass

Český Krumlov between July 4 to 14, 2023

BUBENÍČEK BALLET MASTERCLASSES was held in the UNESCO World Heritage cite, Český Krumlov between July 4 to 14, 2023. Over the course of 10 days, students and dancers  had the rare opportunity to spend time with remarkable artists who are not only skilled professionals, but also passionate and kind-hearted individuals. They have dedicated their lives to the art of ballet, gracing the most exquisite theatres around the world with their unforgettable performances. 


Awards for Anina and Yuho!

in Spartacus ballet!

The prestigious awards recognize the remarkable talent, dedication, and captivating performances in the theater season 2022/23 delivered by Atina Tanovic and Yuho Yoshioka, contributing to the resounding success of the "Spartacus" ballet production. The Croatian National Theatre commends their outstanding artistry and applauds their significant contributions to the world of dance.

Romeo and Juliet

Guesting performance in Pécs

ROMEO AND JULIET stole the spotlight at the prestigious 10TH THEATRE OLYMPIC, hosted this year in Pécs, Hungary, as a captivating part of a magnificent festival. The performance was an absolute triumph, evoking heartfelt emotions from the audience, who responded with synchronized applause and a standing ovation. To get a glimpse of the company's remarkable tour, take a moment to watch this captivating one-and-a-half-minute DOCUMENTARY VIDEO.


L'heure bleue

Tokyo City Ballet

The Tokyo City Ballet continues to explore new ballet works with three highly anticipated works. Beginning of March 2023 at the Tokyo's Tiara Koto Large Hall, "L'HEURE BLEUE"a ballet by Jiří Bubeníček, with Stage and Costume Designer Otto Bubeníček will be part of a "Triple Bill 2023" evening. A performance with Japanese premiere of Williem Forsythe's "Artifact II" and George Balanchine's "Allegro Brillante" (Premiere). 


The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb

Full length ballet in two acts "SPARTACUS" inspired by Raffaello Giovagnoli’s Novel celebrated its premiere on January 27, 2023 with The Croatian National Ballet in Zagreb. Jiří Bubeníček together with Nadina Cojocaru wrote entirely a new libretto and newly re-arranged Aram Khachaturian's music according to the story. This anabled the birth of a completely new ballet with stage design created by Italian by Dario Gessati and Nadina Cojocaru was responsible for the costum design that included over 100 costumes.


January 27, 2023, "SPARTACUS" had its premiere at The Croatian National Ballet in Zagreb. On this occasion to celebrate this event, "SPARTACUS NFT", a unique collectible items representing this important moment in dance history was launched. NFT is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique, a piece of art that can be stored and collected, and can even increase its financial value. By owning this NFT, one is possessing a very unique electronic art souvenir and have forever a part of the performance. It is for the very first time a choreographer is using this new blockchain technology in dance field.


On tour in Germany

Theatre "Forum am Schlosspark" hosted The Croatian National Ballet in Rijeka with Shakespeare's immortal love story Romeo and Juliet. Jiří Bubeníček's interpretation takes place in a dream architecture reminiscent of atient ruins. The choreography was created in April 2022 and is now coming to Ludwigsburg. The German premiere  was on December 3 and 4, 2022.


The ballet “Romeo and Juliet” received three awards!

Nicola Prato was awarded for the best male role, receiving the audience award "Joža Komljenović" for the role of Romeo, Marta Voinea Čavrak won the audience award "Olga Orlova" for the best performed female role for the role of Lady Capulet and Jiří Bubeníček received the highest number of audience votes, leading to the “Boris Papandopulo” award for the best ballet performance in the 2021/22 season.

Kafka's "The Trial"

at the State Theater in Košice, Slovak Republic

The pre-production meeting of creators and the theater workshops began the preparation of the new ballet production "PROCES", which premiered in the first half of the new theater season 2022/2023.
Franz Kafka's "The Trial" had its world premiere in 2019 at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. Now, Czech choreographer and Director Jiří Bubeníček together with Costume Designer and Co-Director Nadina Cojocara and his brother, Stage Designer Otto Bubeníček brings this exiting performance to State theater in Košice. "Proces" celebrated it's second premiered in October 2022.



​​​​​​​Dance+Blue+Yellow Gala at the Gütersloh Theatre

The "Tanz+Blau+Gelb Gala" at the "Lange Nacht der Kunst" is the first ballet gala that presents and highlights the skills of dance artists who had to leave their homeland due to the war in Ukraine. Various styles are presented, including new creation by Jiří Bubeníček for three Ukrainian ballerinas
Daryna Bulakovska, Irina Khandazhevskaya and Olga Posternak called "INTERLUDE", music by New York composer Karen LeFrak
It is a cooperation between Praetorian Non-Profit Art and Health Consulting, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD), the Federal German Ballet and Dance Theater Directors Conference (BBTK) and the Theater Gütersloh, supported by Theater in Gütersloh e.V. - At 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at THEATER GÜTERSLOH, Hans-Werner-Henze Platz 1

Romeo and Juliet

The Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka

May 27, 2022  Jiří Bubeníček and Nadina Cojocaru succesfully premiered a new full length story ballet William Shakespeare's play "ROMEO AND JULIET" especially created for the dance company at The Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka. For stage design was responsible Aleksandra Ana Buković and costumes were created by designer Nadina Cojocaru. 
The story is often thought to be about love and it’s power. But actually the audience fail to realise that the love is included in the piece only in few fragile moments of satisfaction. From the very beginning of the play it is very evident that violence will occur. Furthermore the needlessness of the deaths in society especially since it all happens a lot amongst youth.

In this season


Jiří Bubeníček became for the season 2021/2022 a House Choreographer of the The Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka. His full lenght ballet W. Shakespeare's master piece "Romeo and Juliet" had its premiere in April 2022.


Seven Continents, Seven Songs, Seven Dances

Forgotten buildings in Saxony are brought back to life through music and dance. In the virtual spotlight, you will be connected to the whole world through music from 7 continents. Video concept by Nadina Cojocaru and choreography by Jiří Bubeníček.

Gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Landeshauptstadt Dresden und Nationale Performance Netz - Stepping Out.



Jiří Bubeníček's "CANON IN D MAJOR" was set for The Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company and Orchestra, in Milano. The men's trio was part of Serata Quattro Coreografi, Legris / Lukács / Bubeníček / Ratmansky evening. The Ballet company performed  from the 09.-11.06.2021 Manuel Legris's Verdi Suite, Andreás Lukács's Movements to Stravinsky, Jiří Bubeníček’s Canon in D Major and Alexei Ratmansky's Concerto DSCH. The orchestra was conducted by Maestro Kevin Rhodes.

The Devine Comedy


Ravenna Festival celebrated 700th anniversary of an Italian poet Dante Alighieri with world ballet star Sergei Polunin's solo performance. Metànoia as a new creation of Dante's The Devine Comedy had its premiere on the 01.- 05.09.2021 at the Teatro Alighieri. Three choreographers were set to create each part. Jiří Bubeníček choreographed "PARADISO", the last part of the evening. 




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