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Nadina Cojocaru

Artist and Costume Designer

I am Nadina Cojocaru and I am an artist and a costume designer. I have been studying arts through my entire life from classical piano, dance and drawing. I graduated from the University of Arts in Сhisinau Moldova with a  bachelor in choreography.

In 2010 I moved to Japan a country I am fascinated with both in its country and culture. I lived there for 6 years  where I intensively studied the Japanese language, culture and traditional Kimono dressing. After I finished language school I worked in fields related to the fashion industry; as a creative director for wedding  fashion shows and as a designer and producer of wedding dresses, textile design and manufacturing,  photography, make up and hair styling.

For the last 2 years of living in Japan I had a great experience working for a big Japanese textile manufacturer, where my job was to work and collaborate with designers from high fashion brands from Europe, Asia and USA. The role required me to represent the company at international exhibition “Premiere Vision" travelling to Paris on a number of occasions.

After meeting Jiří Bubeníček in 2015 I moved back to Europe to collaborate in different artistic projects with him. I designed the costumes for a number of his ballets, “Chapeau” for Nürenberg State Ballet in 2017, “Metropolis” for the Croatian National Ballet in 2018, “Processen” for the Royal Swedish Ballet in 2019 and “Cinderella” for the Nuovo Balleto Di Toscana 2019.

“To design costumes for ballet is about making all the characters memorable for the audience. The message of the characters have to appear in the costume. I love to explore the limits of what is possible in my designs, and often try to combine the contemporary with the historic. I want each character to be special and the costumes to communicate my ideas to the audience. It is like having a parallel story that goes hand in hand with the choreography and with the dramaturgy of the piece.”








Seven Continents, Seven Songs, Seven Dances

Forgotten buildings in Saxony are brought back to life through music and dance. In the virtual spotlight, you will be connected to the whole world through music from 7 continents. Video concept by Nadina Cojocaru and choreography by Jiří Bubeníček.
Gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Landeshauptstadt Dresden und Nationale Performance Netz - Stepping Out.

Romeo and Juliet

The Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka

Jiří Bubeníček will choreograph a new full length story ballet Romeo and Juliet especially created for the dance company at The Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka. For stage design will be responsible Aleksandra Ana Buković and costumes will be created by designer Nadina Cojocaru. The premiere is planed for spring 2022.
The story is often thought to be about love and it’s power. But actually the audience fail to realise that the love is included in the piece only in few fragile moments of satisfaction. From the very beginning of the play it is very evident that violence will occur. Furthermore the needlessness of the deaths in society especially since it all happens a lot amongst youth.


Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana

Jiří bubeníček will choreograph a new full lenght ballet Spartacus for the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana with Stage design by Dario Gessati and Costume design by Nadina Cojocaru. Due to the world pandemic the premiere was few time postponed. The new dates are January 2023 at the Cankar Hall in Ljubljana.